Ahhh Fall...and What Comes After That

We LOVE the fall, or as some (read "smart people") say, autumn.
Leaves falling, cooler temps, smell of red wine in the air. But I digress...
Of course, we try not to think of what comes after fall in the midwest. Yeah, that's a whole other story. Not so pretty...

This time of year makes us of think of winter berry, magnolia leaves, gourds, pumpkins, pillows, throws, soft cotton rugs, old wooden boxes filled with firewood & wine bottles.

And we've come full circle.

This is the time to decorate for the change of seasons and the upcoming holidays!
Lots of new furniture and holiday decor arriving in the store helps me have a more positive outlook when thinking of those little white icy flakes I'll be seeing through the window all too soon.

Stop by the store for a glass of red wine :)