Happy Valentine's Day!

We're baaaaack!

Our buying trip to New York City was a success! 
We did it all for YOU...

ok, and for us too ;)

We can't wait for you all to see our new finds! 
The majority should be arriving by the last week of February/first week of March! 

Lamps, tables, found objects, primitive dough bowls, fabulous line of scented candles, artwork, vases, urns, stems, clocks, accessories, decorative items, cabinets, antiques, wine balons, and much more!!!! 

Here's a quick mini sneak peek!
Dough Bowls
Fabulous primitive dough bowls! 
S-Shape Table
Amazing S Table!!!


Your home will say "Thank You!"

We want you to share in our fun, so I'll make it short & sweet with a few highlights from the 
Big Apple...

Had an amazing time...and we arrived in style!
Thank You Cindy, Mike & Lori!!!

Few minor issues in "the loo"...ha!


Central Park
No, we're not in the carriage :-/

Lincoln Center

Cyndi & Nancy at Lincoln Center

 Cyndi & Nancy with new "friend"...the Naked Cowboy

 One of several nights at the theater-The Addams Family!

 Craig in Times Square!

Tranny Alert!
La Cage Aux Folles!

Union Square Cafe
Mayor Ed Koch was at the center table-left of the server.
He's the one that looks headless :-/

Incredible meal at Nello.
We celebrated a friend's birthday here.
Please observe the reflection in the window...
Sure looks like a certain president that loved the theater!

Craig is always so sophisticated.

American Idiot-AMAZING Show!
Billy Jo Armstrong-lead singer of Green Day-was in the cast.
Saw him in front of the theater after the show!


Cyndi catching a ride...almost got rid of her! :)

 Met a dog in Soho named Moses...my dog is Moses too!
Had to get a photo :)

LOVE this shoe boutique in Soho!

ummm...hope not

Cyndi-perpetually frozen

Grand Central Station!

Coffee & Donuts at this wonderful bistro in The East Village!


Tiffany at Brindle!

Nancy post donuts...

 Madison Square Garden!

Nancy & Cyndi working on their "NY Look"

Ever watch "Oddities" on Discovery or the Science Channel? 
Well, this is the place! 
Very unique antiques & oddities shop in the East Village...
Mike is the owner & Ryan is the Buyer.
Great guys-thank you for the tour Mike, Ryan and very nice producer/director!!!

We happened to arrive on a day they were filming!

Mike, Ryan, Cyndi & Nancy at Obscura!

 Filming a scene for "Oddities"

Just one of the very unusual items at Obscura!

The Spotted Pig!
(said with an English accent please)
Restaurant in the West Village

 Cyndi & Nancy being "pigs" at The Spotted Pig


Enjoying a beverage at "The Pig"

Incredible musical "Memphis"...another great night at the theater!

 Think we saw enough?!?

Cyndi at Lucky Strike
Excellent food...even better martini's!

We had to dump her somewhere.

Future location for Pearson & Company New York!
we wish.

Rockefeller Center!
Does Cyndi look cold (again) to you???

 View from our hotel room...

Goodbye NY!
Until we meet again...
(hopefully in warmer weather)

Visit Us in Omaha Soon!

Cheers & Happy Shopping!
Nancy, Cyndi, Craig, Christi & JD