The Evolution of Country

So don’t go running for the hills!  Customers come into Pearson & Company, and if they haven’t been in before, get real quiet and kind of whisper “Oh, I like this, what do you call It?”  As a designer, I always hesitate to put a label on it.  Is it French Country, Cottage, Farmhouse Style, Industrial or just plain Country.

Country Style scares most people if they grew up in the 80’s and 90’s.  All they see are those horrible borders that marched around their mother’s kitchen and the over all state of too much stuff!

This is not the state of Country in 2015.  Country is cleaner, edgier, more selective, and more organic.  Country has become a lifestyle.  It means come in, be welcome.  BE AT HOME.  It means you see beauty in things that are simple, unusual, or maybe something that just makes you smile.  Treasures gathered on your travels, whether to Europe and beyond, or maybe just to West Omaha.  Your home should not only reflect your personality, it should surround you with things that delight your eye, inspire you and make you laugh.  YOUR SAFE HAVEN.

Personal style is an evolution.  We are constantly bombarded with images from catalogs, HGTV and Pinterest, and we quickly become overwhelmed because we like so much stuff.  After all, it always looks perfect in the magazine!  How do you narrow that down to your own personal style? 

I recently experienced this in my own home on a new room I was creating.  I had some antiques that I will never part with because they just do it for me.  But other then that, I had an opportunity to start fresh.  I decided it was time to evaluate where my personal style is now.  Many design books, magazines, and Pinterest hits later I discovered  “Yep I’m still Country”.  I like the surprise that comes with the opportunity to be country.  My home is never stagnant.  It is forever evolving as I find an antique or a contemporary piece of art that speaks to me.  What’s different?  I’m more selective. 

In today’s world, we want to live in every inch of our homes and there should not be spaces that are off limits to the child who races his car down the dining room table, or your dog who digs his claws into your leather furniture (nothing a little wax can’t fix).

To my clients, I say, buy what speaks to you.  Don’t walk away because you don’t know what you will do with it.  If it’s a truly great piece, what ever it is, it will find it’s way in your home.  Look at things in different way.  An antique door as a piece of art.  A painted spool bed with a contemporary painting hanging over it.  A pair of fancy carved lamps on a very rustic table, your grandmother’s sterling silver tea tray resting on an ottoman with books and a scruffy pot stacked on top of it.  From industrial gears and dials to a piece of modern art, they can all be encompassed in the country vernacular.  All of these layers give your home a sense of history, your history.   

At Pearson and Company we are all these things and we strive to offer the unique, the fun, and the livable to make your homes everything you would like it to be.  We offer you design service to get it just right.  Your home, your dreams, your style.


Shelley Humpal

Interior Designer