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Guest post by Donna Sharp, Interior Designer

One of my favorite design tasks is creating unique interiors for every client that I work with. Our homes are so personal, we all want that special look and feel. We all want a unique home that shows our personalities and our lifestyle. So when I create decorative interiors, I pick colors, textures, fabrics, art, furniture, lighting, etc, all the elements of design that accent and complete our homes interiors. 

I love to enhance a room’s ambience with accents of design elements, elements of color and texture. By adding artwork, and pillows, and little decorative items, we can make each room take on a feeling that welcomes and entices us to stay and sit awhile. We add charm with each personal touch, each item that allows us to gaze upon words of encouragement, or colorful textures that make us feel cozy and warm. Our rooms can be light and airy, warm and cozy, dark and cave like, dramatic and bold. Any look we want to create, the accessories and the artwork need to compliment it. I feel like accessories are the jewelry of our homes. A room isn’t completely decorated without accessories and art pieces.

When I am shopping for just the right objects for unique interiors, I love to present customers with ideas from Sugarboo Designs. I love to shop at Pearson & Company because the walls of this unique, fun store are covered with select pieces of art and wall items from the Sugarboo collections. The store is relaxing and peaceful and the art on the walls catches your eyes. I can walk around the store again, and again, and still see items that I didn’t see on the first lap.

If you are not familiar with the Sugarboo collection, it is a large line of wall art featuring pictures of animals, prints, and sayings of endearment. They can be canvas wrapped or framed in reclaimed woods. Framed quotes in the collection feature John Lennon, Maya Angelou, and Ray Bradsbury. 

Sugarboo also produces canvas bags that have inspirational sayings or quotes. My favorite one, which I own, has a quote from Audrey Hepburn. It sits on my vanity and makes me smile every day! 


I love the pillows from Sugarboo. I love pillows that you can use and enjoy, that are soft with down fill, and that are different than what you see in every store. Sugarboo has whimsical and eclectic pillows. A few of my favorites are the pillows that ‘tells you like it is’.

Some of the other accessories that are included in the line are beautiful hand blown glass paper weights, photo boxes, photo books, heirloom baby blankets of mink and sherpa blend, and poetry sticks of various lengths with words of inspiration and love -- great for wall groupings or sitting along fireplace mantels. 

I also love the 32” diameter pet pillow and the dog bed with a Velveteen Rabbit quote. Pampering our pets and giving them a special space of their own adds to the ambience of our home. They are a big part of our pleasures.

Sugarboo also has Wine Charms that make entertaining more fun, and handmade one- of-a-kind Ceramic plates and dishes with pastel colors and lace designs to add beauty and charm. There is even a large 30” diameter Gaming Wheel that is so fun, and would add whimsy to any room. 

So, whatever your decor, or theme, is of your space, we can help you decorate it with accents and accessories that are special just for your home. Just like you select colors, textures, and patterns for your clothing wardrobe, we need to add these same elements of design in our homes. And finishing off the whole picture with personalized accessories and art ideas will ensure that your space will be just perfect for you. 

Stop in Pearson & Company, and see all the new wall art, and all the new ideas for spring decorating. Tell us how we can help you decorate for your own unique interior design experience. 

Happy shopping!      
Donna Sharp, Interior Designer

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