Hiring An Interior Designer: Truth vs. fiction

By Donna Sharp, Interior Designer at P&C

Inside Interior Design
Interior design is the perfect professional career choice for me. Change and variety excite me. Styles, schemes and designs are constantly changing in the world of interior design. I love collaborating with clients on their unique lifestyles and designing new schemes for today’s homes. Every day I meet people with individually unique styles, tastes, budgets, questions and dilemmas. Every design job is special. Listening to each client's needs, demands, wants, likes and dislikes helps give me insight into what pleases their senses. The combined power of light, texture, pattern and color gives us pleasure. It is exciting and challenging to be creative and produce ideas for the end result of happy, excited and satisfied homeowners. 

Professional interior designers are trained, educated, and in some states licensed and bonded. I write contracts and enter into agreements that are legally binding to completely describe my projects in detail, with dates, itemization of purchases, descriptions of creative design selections, budget limits, time constraints, and more. Every job is extremely detailed and organized to ensure that I don’t miss a deadline or place an order incorrectly.  Hopefully you will begin to see the value in hiring a professional that can help you not only create the beautiful and functional interior design of your home, but also help prevent you from making unwise design decisions and potentially wasting money that could have been spent on a satisfying project.  Because I am so passionate about my field of choice, I feel the need to dispel some myths that prevent some of you from hiring an interior designer.

Myth #1:  “It’s too expensive”  
I work within your budget. Together we look at the specific design needs, your wants, time frame, and the amount of money you wish to spend to decorate your home at any given time. Deciding your budget is the first part of the project. This gives me the exact guideline that I need to begin looking for specifics for you. Again, you decide the budget. When someone thinks that a price on a specific item is too much, it is helpful to relate the cost to other purchasing choices we make daily, specifically, food and entertainment costs. We don’t think twice about spending $200-400 for a few bags of groceries, or a few hundred dollars for clothes, jewelry, golf clubs, etc. to satisfy our desires. Purchasing items of décor, furniture, lighting and window treatments for your home is satisfying and exciting, and will last for many years of enjoyment with your family.

Photography by Kel & Mel

Photography by Kel & Mel

Myth #2: “It has to be trendy”
Absolutely not. It can be trendy if you want it to be, but together we will visit about your home and your lifestyle. We will go over styles that you like, color schemes that make you feel good, and elements of design that satisfy your family’s needs and desires for years to come. If green is the popular color of the year and you don’t like green, I will be showing you better selections that are unique for you and will ensure your enjoyment. 

Myth #3: “It will take too long”
Every client has a time frame on how long the home can be in transition. I want the job completed as quickly as I can get it done, but I want it to progress with quality and sometimes good craftsmanship does take a little longer. Together we will discuss your time frame.  I will help you decide realistic expectations and I will update you on delivery dates and installations of each item purchased. If a product becomes back-ordered after we place an order, I will immediately inform you and let you decide if you want to wait on it, or decide to make a new selection. 

Myth #4:  “Interior designers don’t listen and won’t take my ideas seriously”
Like myself, I believe that most interior designers enjoy creating beautiful, unique lifestyles to make clients happy.  I listen to your wants, your tastes, your needs, demands, family lifestyle and learn the dynamics of your home. I plan my design schemes around all of those criteria, and incorporate my design talents, experience, current trends, color schemes, and available options to create the most exciting and beautiful design plan just for you. There is teamwork involved.

Myth #5: “I can do it myself”
Sometimes people have thoughts when they look at items of art or furniture, etc, that they think they could do it themselves, and maybe even cheaper. The truth is, after spending the time to figure it all out, searching to buy the items needed to make it, and taking the time to attempt to re-create the object, yes, it probably won’t turn out anything like the original, and time and money have been wasted. 

Unless you are talented and trained in each of these talents, it is best to do what you do best and leave the creative process in the hands of the professional. Spend your time and money wisely. Save your energy and time to enjoy your family and your life.  Let this “trained eye” create beautiful, one of a kind, interior design in your home.

Design services through PEARSON & COMPANY are complimentary with a $1500 purchase.  Contact Donna or Shelley today to start your home project.

A Little Bit About Donna
When I entered college in the 70’s to pursue my selected career choice of Interior Design, it was a part of the Home Economics department, and it was considered a “fluff hobby-like” career choice. I felt that it wasn’t taken as seriously as other business degrees, or by other professionals. Four years later, when I graduated with a Business Degree, Interior Design was a true professional career option, and my degree came from the University of Engineering, Space Planning and Design.  The public demand for interior design was booming. Space planning, design creations, and professional direction for aesthetics, ergonomics, and function became fundamental.