Nancy opened Pearson & Company Omaha in 2010 with her husband, JD Erb -- Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate. After years of shopping the east and west coasts for interesting found objects and quality furnishings to complete her home, Nancy decided to bring the "California French Modern with a touch of Rustic" look to Nebraska.  Within four months, Nancy opened Pearson & Company Omaha in the Shops of Legacy in West Omaha. Five years later, Nancy and her team keep the store ever evolving by bringing in one-of-a-kind finds and staying current with design trends.


Favorite color:   Blue & Grey
Favorite ice cream flavor:   Vanilla Bean
Best vacation:   Napa
Best music to de-stress:   Diana Krall
Favorite quote:   "Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside"
-Coco Chanel
Favorite scent:   Lavender

Favorite item in the store: Everything!
Comfort food:   Risotto
Favorite room in your house:   Great room -- lots of white, grey, and texture
What would be your personal nightmare: Wearing polyester daisy duke shorts
Describe a brush with greatness:   
Loretta Lynn at the fair -- age 11.  Met Stevie Nicks at a wedding reception.


Cyndi Pearson has been with Pearson & Company since 1991. She is Financial Manager at the Scottsdale location.